Sound Collages and Other Audio Mayhem

Welcome to Endorphinsound!

Hello and welcome. I'm a sound artist based in Seattle, Washington, and this is the online home for my sound art. Perhaps you heard some of my work on the radio, and that is what brought you here... or perhaps you heard me at a local live performance in Seattle... or perhaps you just got this as an unintended result on Google. In any case, welcome!

This website is a work in progress. The FAQ is doing most of the heavy verbal lifting so far (see link below). If you just want to listen to something amazingly weird and intense right away, just check out the sound collage links!

Thanks for visiting. More updates to come soon!

- Pete

(PS - All you non-spambots can contact me at pete(at)endorphinsound(dot)com. Thanks!)

Introductions and FAQ

Sound Collage Pages

An Untitled Sound Collage for Radio - Dec 2008

The Caribou and Moose Variations